Mic not connecting

Microphone not working

Check list before you start

Make sure microphone is connected and working properly. You can use the windows application like “voice recorder” to test your microphone

Solution for “how would you like to join


Go to https://test.webrtc.org/. Press on start button

webrtc- troubleshooter

Starting the test will check for your microphone installation. if you are seeing a tick mark against microphone (as shown in above image) you have microphone installed. but our classroom is not able to acquire the microphone for communication. so you have to give permission for the browser to use microphone

To give permission,

Go to the browser settings -> privacy and security -> site settings -> *.classroom.email and give permission to microphone and camera.
In chrome, you will get a similar screen like below. Change the value to Allow

You will have to do it for all subdomains of classroom.email. This will solve the above problem with microphone

How to
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