This blog explains how to configure gmail to send out emails from moodle. Login to Gmail –> Accounts –> Security

In the above screen click “Turn on access”. You will receive an email as below. It states that Access for less secure apps settings has been turned off. You can safely ignore.

Now Login to your moodle installation

Navigate to Dashboard –> Site Adminstration –> Server –> Email –> Outgoing mail Configuration

Enter the following values

SMTP Hosts :

SMTP Security: TLS

SMTP Auth Type : Login

SMTP username :<your username>

SMTP Password :< your password>. Now your screen will look like this

Now you have successfully configured the outgoing mail server. To test the outgoing mail server
Navigate to Dashboard –> Site Administration –> Server –> Test outgoing mail server

You will also receive an email in inbox. It will state as follows.
This is a test message to confirm that you have successfully configured your sites outgoing mail

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  • Tested on Moodle 3.8


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